Love what you see?

If you absolutely love one of the in-stock platters, I would be happy to ship it to you or a friend. Just call me and we can discuss the shipping details and payment. A personalized note can be sent along with the platter.

Stop by one of the galleries or museums that stock some of my pieces. 

In the tab Upcoming Shows and Displays, there is a list of the locations where my pieces are in stock. If you are traveling around the country, be sure to stop in to these locations. 

If you would like to design the platter, you have several options.

- We could meet to discuss patterns and colors. I live in Tucson, AZ and would be happy to meet you somewhere in the area.

- You could email me your choice of quilt pattern with an idea of the colors you would like and I could send you photos of the colors available.

- You could mail some fabric or paint swatches to me and I would get the closest color of glass to match.


Some notes on color and pattern selection:

- Not all colors imaginable are available in fusible glass. There are many choices but please be aware that there are some limitations. Click here to see all of the colors available in the Spectrum Studio 96 collection. 

- Not all quilt patterns will be easy to cut into glass pieces and not all quilt patterns will look their best in glass. That is why it is best to be able to discuss the options either in person or on the phone. Geometric designs are the best.